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Date: Mar 2014

Question MarkWe’re a month overdue for an edition in our series: “What You’re Asking.” Let me rectify that right now.

Once again, here’s how it works:
I scope out emails sent to and tally the most frequently asked questions. I answer a couple of the most popular questions here.

1.  I have an advanced degree. Am I still required to submit GRE scores as part of my application?

In general, all applicants are required to submit standardized test scores as part of their application. All of our programs will accept the GRE. Some (not all) will accept other test scores, such as those from the GMAT, MCAT or LSAT. See our to learn which scores are appropriate for your program of interest.

Our Schoolwide MPH is the only of our many public health degree programs to waive the standardized test score for those individuals having earned an advanced degree beyond the baccalaureate. However, in doing so, these applicants put themselves at a significant disadvantage if the rest of their admissions materials do not clearly demonstrate their quantitative and analytical skills. This is especially true for applicants with medical degrees earned outside of the United States. Additionally, applicants who request to have their applications reviewed without standardized test scores will likely not be awarded a scholarship.

The process for submitting test scores can vary depending on your program. Please read our application instructions carefully. MPH applicants should pay special attention to the .

2.  I’m a prospective student and would like to talk to a current student with my same interests. Can you connect me?

There are a number of ways for prospective students to connect with current students.

The first is through our Student Webpages.  You’ll notice there are two tabs: "Ambassadors" and "All Students." You may contact any of the students through the website, but “ Ambassadors” have volunteered to be a special help to new and prospective students.

If you have a specific program of interest, you might also contact the appropriate academic coordinator. These individuals may be found with the administrative contacts for each department. Academic coordinators are the best resource regarding a specific program's curriculum, faculty and current students. Contact us if you need help locating the appropriate coordinator.

If you’re an admitted student, you might also attend one of our virtual student panels or Visitors Day. Information on these events may be found on our Admitted Student Website (login and password required – contact us if you need assistance).

I hope this helps!  As always, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

State of MarylandA few years ago, we used the slogan “The World is Our Campus” on our Academic Prospectus and other printed materials. With ongoing research in over 130 countries, that statement is certainly true.

But while the world is our campus, Baltimore, Maryland is our home. And today is a very special day in our home state.

On this day in 1634, 150 settlers landed on St. Clement’s Island to establish the colony of Maryland.

Three hundred and eighty years later, Maryland is the land of the Chesapeake Bay, blue crabs, Black-eyed Susans and Johns Hopkins University.

Happy Birthday, Maryland!

Apple in handsNational Public Health Week (NPHW) starts two weeks from today!

NPHW is an initiative of the American Public Health Association and runs from April 7-13. Its goal is to spotlight public health issues in the United States in an effort to educate the public, policymakers and practitioners.

The NPHW website provides ideas for individuals and organizations to get involved.

How will you observe National Public Health Week?


Young woman with computerOur Visitors Days for Admitted Students are coming up fast!

If you’re an admitted student register to come, ask questions, attend a sample lecture, tour campus and experience why Baltimore is nicknamed “Charm City.”

We’d love to see you, but if you can’t make it, we have good news!

Admissions Services offers a series of Virtual Information Sessions throughout the Spring (login required).

Scheduled sessions include:

March 26 - Doctoral Student Panel
Incoming doctoral students have the opportunity to ask current doctoral students their questions about academics and student life at the Bloomberg School.

March 31 – MPH Live Talk for Online/Part-time MPH Admitted Students

April 7 – MPH Live Talks (2) for Full-time MPH Admitted Students

April 9 – Master’s Student Panel (MHA, MHS, MPP, MSPH, ScM)
Incoming master’s students have the opportunity to ask current master’s students about their experiences here at the Bloomberg School.

May 2 – MPH Live Talk for International Students Preparing for Their Time in Baltimore

May 9 – Housing and Life in Baltimore
Join the housing and admissions offices as we talk Baltimore, neighborhoods, transportation and more.

Additional information about Admitted Student Visitors Days and the Virtual Information Sessions (including times and access information) may be found on the Admitted Student Website (login required – contact us if you need assistance).

Dir. Financial AidI receive lots of questions about financial aid, but can only answer the most basic. So, today I’m providing you a better resource.

Meet Flora Wharton, Director of Financial Aid here at the Bloomberg School.

Q: What types of financial assistance are available at the Bloomberg School?

A: The Financial Aid Office provides assistance with loans and work-study funding.  Scholarships are awarded through our academic departments. 

Q: How do prospective students find out about and apply for scholarships?

A: All admitted students are considered for scholarships through their department.  No application is required.  Please visit our for a listing of available scholarships. 

Q: Can applicants apply for financial assistance before they hear their admissions decision?

A: Yes, applicants may begin the application process for loans and work-study funding by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and listing our school code, E00234, so we receive their data.

Q: Can applicants apply for financial aid after the March 15 filing date?

A: Yes, financial aid applications are processed on a rolling basis.  

Q: Is there assistance available for international students?

A: Yes, although limited, our academic departments do provide scholarship assistance to international students.  Please visit our for a listing of available scholarships.

International students cannot participate in the federal loan programs, but they can apply for a private education loan.  Visit our website for more details.   

Do you have more questions for Financial Aid? Email them at