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Admissions Blog

Date: Sep 2013

Scoops of ice creamWhat makes Johns Hopkins such a great university? Is it our commitment to research-based academics? Our amazing faculty? Our phenomenal blog writers?

Perhaps, it’s that we have our own ice cream flavor: Blue Jay Batter.

Just my guess.

First birthday cakeToday marks one year of Admissions blogging!

Since that first post, we’ve had 860,253 page views or 90,753 visits!

We’re not exactly sure how many human readers that equates too, but it sounds like a lot! At the very least, it's enough to know it's not just me double-checking the links!

Hopefully, you find our information helpful and sometimes even amusing.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to cover a particular topic.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Green light - go!You've researched our academic programs and found one providing the tools to fulfill your public health goals. What should you do next?

Start your application!

Applications to the Bloomberg School are submitted online through a service called ApplyYourself (AY).  To start an application, create an AY account and receive your password and pin.

Log in to your brand new application and enter your contact information, academic history, program you’re applying to, employment history, etc.  Supporting materials such as your personal statement and resume may be uploaded to your online account. Enter your recommendation providers and their contact information. They will receive an email providing the opportunity to provide a secure online recommendation.

You have the ability to save your work, log out and come back later. You may complete the application in a day, over several days or even several months. Just be sure to submit your application before the  of your program!

While you work on composing the perfect application, you should also order supporting materials (i.e. transcripts and test scores) and have them officially sent to Admissions Services. Materials you send as emailed attachments will not be accepted.

 can vary, so read our instructions carefully.

Applicants with international academic records should be aware of our credentials evaluation requirement and begin that process well in advance of their application deadline.

Supporting materials are also due before the application deadline. If your documents arrive before you formally submit your application, we’ll date stamp and keep them in a holding file for up to two years. No need to wait, submit those materials now!

Are you ready? Set. Go!

Talking with prospective studentsAre you a prospective student dreaming of an opportunity to learn more about the Bloomberg School?

I’m here to make that dream come true!

If you’re able to travel to Baltimore, stop by! Sign up for a campus tour and/or register for our Open House.

If traveling isn’t an option, attend a Virtual Information Session and learn more about our programs and application process.

You can also check out our recruitment calendar. In the next month our representatives will be in New York, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Boston, Washington, Ithaca, San Antonio, among others! Come chat with us in your own neighborhood!

Our new students are here and their classes have begun. Where will they study?

We have a few ideas.

They could study. . .

1. In the natural light of one of two fourth-floor reading rooms
Reading Room

2. With a view of world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital from the Lilienfeld Reading Room (Hampton House)
Lilienfeld Reading Room

3. With their peers in the student lounge
Student Lounge

4. With a sandwich and iced coffee in the Daily Grind
Daily Grind Coffee Shop

5. In the after-hours quiet of Jay's Cafe
Jay's Cafe

6. In front of the fireplace in the Hampton House Cafe
Hampton House Cafe

7. In an Adirondack chair on the ninth-floor patio
Ninth-floor patio

8. Beneath the Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder

9. In one of several semi-hidden alcoves

10. While riding a recombinant bike in the ninth-floor gym
Satellite gym

Where do you study?