Woman using computerEach year, for a variety of reasons, we receive a few repeat applications.

If you wish to reapply to the Bloomberg School, you will need to create a new online application account (including a new login and password) and pay the application fee ($45). 

Pay close attention to the application instructions as our policies sometimes change.

 If you applied within the past two application cycles, you will not need to submit duplicate copies of supporting materials such as transcripts or test scores.  You may, however, wish to submit an updated statement to clearly identify your goals, as well as an updated resume/CV. 

Right now, Admissions is holding materials for those who applied to either the 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 academic year. If you applied before that, you will need to submit all new materials.

If you are a current Bloomberg School student or recent graduate, we should be able to access your original application materials now housed with the Office of Records and Registration.

Those who reapply are required to submit one new letter of recommendation. However, if your previous letters were specific to another department, you may wish to submit all three new ones.

If you completed additional college-level coursework since you last applied, we will require updated transcripts.

Lastly, in the Academic History section of the online application, there is the question "Have you applied to JHSPH previously?"  Please be sure to check "YES" and provide the correct academic year.

Once your application is submitted, our hardworking coordinators will match your old documents with your new electronic file.

Best wishes to you and your new application!