Just over a month ago, Admissions posed the question to students, alumni, faculty and staff:

What does public health mean to you?

We asked responders to submit their thoughts in images as part of a photo contest.  And many people did! We received thirty submissions from some very talented photographers.

The judges had an extremely hard job choosing a winner, but after extended discussions, they unanimously chose this photo taken by Kyle Sherman.

photo contest winner: children playing in Malawi

Kyle is an MPH/MBA student and says this about his photo, taken in Lilongwe, Malawi:

“This photo particularly captures what public health is because it shows healthy children at play, people in the background walking and enjoying being outside, and lastly, I think the child in the middle of the photograph with his hands up is symbolic to the optimism and encouragement we as public health professionals should take in our work.”

The judges also liked the photo for its optimism. And while no photo could represent every aspect of public health, the judges felt this one subtly invoked several (environmental health, child health, international health, etc.). 

We’re excited to see it on the cover of this year’s Prospectus!

Congratulations, Kyle!


Contest Runners Up:

Structure in Taungoo, Myanmar

Structure in Taungoo, Myanmar (Burma)
Submitted by Stefan Baral

“This picture represents the complexities of meaningful public health practice given the conflation or rural populations, lack of information technology infrastructure, and sociocultural and religious contexts that limit the provision and uptake of health services.”


IDP Camp in Bududa, Uganda

Grandfather with his grandsons in Western Uganda
Submitted by Emily Carter

“This photo represents public health in the need to provide care across the lifecycle to ensure, healthy productive lives. Access to strong preventative and curative health interventions at each stage in life is key to allowing children to survive to be grandparents.”


IDP Camp in Bududa, Eastern Uganda

IDP Camp in Bududa, Eastern Uganda
Submitted by Mary McQuilkin

“When thousands of people are living close together in a situation like this, there are innumerable threats to public health, and the more knowledge people have of prevention, the safer the population will be.”


Woman at health clinic in Cameroon

Woman at a Health Clinic in Nguelemenduka, Cameroon
Submitted by Emily Carter

“This photo demonstrates the burden of low access to care in the commonality of waiting for treatment in low-resource settings.”