My ten-year-old is a YouTube fanatic.  If allowed, he’d spend hours watching videos about sharks, snakes and a plethora of other critters that make my skin crawl.

For as much time as I spend on YouTube (albeit watching things slither and chomp), you’d think I’d be more aware of what’s available on the Bloomberg School channel.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when I sought out the Baltimore video for my “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” post.

Our School has so many wonderful videos! There’s an overview of the current Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine. There’s a thank you to the School’s 10,000 Facebook fans. And, of course, there are inspiring stories about our students, programs and research.

At the time of this post, there are 95 videos on the JohnsHopkinsSPH channel .

And best of all? None of them feature things that slither.