Normally for our “What You’re Asking” series, I answer a handful of common questions emailed to  But this month, I’ve collected your questions from a different source – you in person!

This fall, I’m one of several representatives traveling to graduate fairs and information sessions across the country.

Recruitment montage

Here’s what you’re asking at those fairs.

1. Is work experience required for your programs?

Experience can always help an applicant. It can help narrow your public health focus and provide a clear picture of what you hope to gain from a graduate program. Some of our programs prefer experienced applicants.

Only two of our nine degree programs absolutely require it:

  • Schoolwide Master of Public Health (MPH) - requiring two years of post baccalaureate, full-time, health-related work experience. More information available through the MPH Program Office.
  • Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) – requiring an MPH (or equivalent degree) and three years of work experience. More information available through the individual departments with an overview on the DrPH degree page.

2. When is your application deadline?

We have fourteen different . They vary by department, degree and even by degree track. Know your program and know which deadline applies.

3. What’s the most important part of the application?

Our reviewers look at your application as a total package. They review GRE scores, GPA, resume, as well as your personal statement and letters of recommendation. Take each piece seriously. Spend time preparing an application that accurately represents you, your accomplishments, and what you hope to accomplish through a degree in public health.

Keep those questions coming and perhaps I’ll see you on the road somewhere!