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Date: Oct 2013

standardized testWe’ve addressed this topic before, but since it happens to be our most popular post, it’s worth repeating.

All our degree programs require the submission of a standardized test score as part of the application process.

The GRE general test is the most universally accepted, but some of our degree programs will accept scores of other tests.  For example, our Master of Health Administration (MHA) program will accept either GRE or GMAT scores.  Our Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) through the Department of International Health will accept either GRE or MCAT scores. Other programs may accept only the GRE.

It’s very important that you know your program and its .

There is one very specific exception to this rule. Our Master of Public Health (MPH) program – and only our Master of Public Health program – will review applications without standardized test scores for those applicants with a graduate degree beyond the baccalaureate.

HOWEVER, these applicants put themselves at a significant disadvantage if their admission materials don’t clearly demonstrate significant quantitative and analytical skills. This is particularly true for applicants with medical degrees earned outside of the U.S. Additionally, applicants who request to have their materials reviewed without standardized test scores will likely not be awarded a scholarship.

Questions?  Review our FAQ or email us at!

Tidy upAs we move toward the peak of our application season, it seemed appropriate to address a few housekeeping issues.

Blog Comment vs. Email

We love your comments. We really do. But sometimes there is a little confusion over where to direct an inquiry.

In our mind, if you have a comment or question relevant to a specific blog post—particularly one whose answer will benefit all readers—by all means, post it in the comments of the blog!

If you have a question specific to you, your credentials, eligibility, etc.—email us at so we can address your individual question and situation. Often we need to ask additional questions to provide an accurate answer and our current blog framework makes it difficult to follow a conversation string.

Comments – A Technicality

And speaking of our finicky blog framework, if you do leave a comment, please revisit that post to see our response. Our current blog set-up will not notify you when we reply to your question.

Comment Policy

We know you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth saying again.

We welcome your comments and opinions, but reserve the right to remove content that contains advertisements or commercial messages, are off-topic, or use offensive or inappropriate language. Comments that are defamatory, infringe the rights of others, or violate the law or University policy may also be removed.

This blog is administered by the Bloomberg School’s Admissions Services. If you have concerns about content, questions or comments, please direct them to�

Thank you again for reading AND commenting on our blog!

Girl using computerAre you waiting for your transcripts to arrive before submitting your online application?

Don’t wait!

Your materials may arrive in any order. The important thing is that they arrive BEFORE the application . Once the deadline has passed, if we have not received your materials, you may not be reviewed.

Don’t risk it! Submit those applications and materials now!

If your documents arrive before you formally submit your application, we date stamp and place them in a holding file for up to two years. Once we receive your online application (about a day or so after you hit submit), our wonderful coordinators check our holding files, pull the appropriate documents and match them to your online account. You can follow that process by logging back in to your online application account.

Best wishes to you and your application!

Visiting the JHSPH boot at APHATwo weeks from today is very special. Can you guess why?

It’s not my birthday.

It’s not Johns Hopkins’ birthday.

It’s not even Buy-Your-Favorite-Blogger-A-Cup-Of-Coffee day.

It’s the free Student Visit Day at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting!

Come to Boston and see over 700 exhibits presenting public health information, products and services. Many of the CEPH accredited schools of public health will be there – including the Bloomberg School. It’s one-stop shopping for prospective students!

Details are as follows:


November 6, 2013
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Admission is free, but registration is required!

The Annual Meeting runs from November 2-6 and students are welcome to attend. You may learn more about information sessions and student-level registration fees at

Meeting attendees will find Bloomberg School representatives in the exhibit hall at the JHSPH booth, numbers 1304 & 1306.

Fall magazine coverLast Spring, we profiled the award-winning Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine. In that post, we recommended the publication as a resource for prospective students.

We still recommend it!

The magazine is a wonderful way to see the breadth of research our School is conducting all over the world. The latest issue (Fall 2013) covers women’s health, a Native American summer camp, asthma, global health communications and dowry violence in India.

Check it out!