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Admissions Blog

Date: Sep 2012

In our first post, we mentioned opening the doors to our virtual office. 

Shenay opens the suite doors for visitors.

We’re holding the door, come on in!

Most of the questions we get this time of year have to do with the admissions process.

How do I apply?

Can I send my transcript before I submit my application?

Who reviews application materials and what are they looking for?

In the next few posts, we’ll outline the application process and what happens to your materials once they leave your hands and arrive in ours.

Getting Started

Applications to the Bloomberg School are submitted online through a service called ApplyYourself (AY).  To start an application, create an AY account and receive your password and pin. Once in the application, complete the form by providing your contact information, academic history, program you’re applying to, employment history, etc.  Supporting materials such as your personal statement and resume may be uploaded to the application. Recommendation providers may also be entered and given the opportunity to provide a secure recommendation online.

You have the ability to save your work, logout and come back later. You may complete the application in a day, over several days or even several months. Just be sure to submit your application before the of your program!

While you work on composing the perfect application, you should also order supporting materials (i.e. transcripts and test scores) and have them officially sent to Admissions Services. can vary, so read our instructions carefully.

Applicants with international academic records should be aware of our credentials evaluation requirement and begin that process well in advance of their application deadline.

Supporting materials are also due before the application deadline. If your documents arrive before you formally submit your application, we’ll date stamp and keep them in a holding file for up to two years. The important thing is to submit your application and supporting materials before the deadline. They may arrive in any order.

Don’t risk missing your deadline! Send those materials early!

Next post: What happens when I click submit?

Welcome to the very first post to our Admissions Services blog!

We know applying to graduate school can seem like a gargantuan task. We’re here to eliminate the confusion and maybe even inject some fun.  While we aim to provide you with helpful information about our academic offerings and application process, we also want to open the “virtual doors” of our Admissions Services office and of the Bloomberg School to give you a sneak peak of what we’re really about.  Throughout the year, we will be highlighting students, faculty and staff members, various school events, and much more!    

Do you have questions for us?

We’ll first direct you to our BRAND NEW website. It’s been redesigned with you – prospective students – in mind! Review our departments, degree programs and some of the amazing research happening here at the Bloomberg School.

Need more information?

You can request a copy of our 2013-2014 Academic Prospectus. This publication provides an overview of our educational programs along with an introduction to our history, mission and academic community. All you have to do is fill out the request form or download it electronically.

Ready to submit your application?

Be sure to read “How to Apply” and check out our FAQs. The 2013-2014 application is open and ready for business!   

Still can’t find your answer?

Email us at or call 410-955-3543 – we are happy to help!

As always, best wishes to you and your application! 

Hope to see you back here soon!
Admissions Team

(clockwise from bottom left: Matt Defusco, Erica Malgieri, Amy Galloway, Shenay Johnson, Theresa Veatch, Taryn Mallonee, Leslie Vink, Jessica Jones)