Welcome to our second installment outlining the admissions process here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

In this post, we’ll solve the mystery of . . .

What Happens When I Click Submit?

Your application is awesome.  You read our last post, followed the instructions and created an application that accurately represents you and your public health goals.

You’re ready to submit!

ApplyYourself will guide you through the submission process which includes a pdf preview of your application, payment of your $45 application fee, and entry of your electronic signature.

Your application is submitted when you see the words “Submission Complete!”

It takes about a day for the system to export your application to us. Once received, we create your official application file, begin processing any supporting documents, and enter those documents in your online record.

You have the ability to check the status of supporting documents through the online application. But at this point, especially if you’re submitting close to an application , we ask for patience.

Man carrying stack of files.

Our admissions coordinators are hard workers and are often here on weekends processing materials, but it can still take up to ten business days for all your materials to appear received in your application. Everything that comes through our doors is date stamped, so as long as you submitted your materials by the deadline, your application won’t be considered late.

Once we’ve received and processed all the materials your program requires, your file is ready for review!

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