Welcome to the third installment in a series of posts describing the general admissions process here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Future posts will delve into specific admissions requirements, showcase our school, highlight staff and display snapshots of our kids (just kidding). 

For now, let’s talk. . .

Under Review

You submitted your application and all of your supporting materials. The admissions coordinator handling your file processed those materials and deemed your application complete.

What happens next?

The short answer is: the admissions coordinator sends your application package to your program for review.

But it’s at this point that things really begin to vary.

Each of our academic departments, as well as the program office for our Schoolwide MPH, have their own admission review committees.  Some of our departments have separate review committees for master’s and doctoral applications. Some have committees dedicated to a specific degree track.  The committees meet at different times and with varying levels of frequency. They have one thing in common:  eventually they reach an admissions decision on every application.

Stack of files.

On average, it takes eight to ten weeks for a decision to be issued. These decisions come directly from the program you applied to. We in admissions are not permitted to relay decisions one way or another.

We can, however, keep our fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes to you and your application!