Office Staff at Our Daily Bread

Last week, Admissions Services was closed for a day. Each year, as an office, we set aside the day to volunteer in the Baltimore community. We always try to work with a different organization to help connect each of us to organizations if we want to continue volunteering at that location. For example, I currently volunteer at Commodore John Rogers Elementary, which is where we did our day of service last year (I blogged about it too).

This year, we spent the day at Our Daily Bread preparing and serving lunch. The Our Daily Bread Hot Meal program is restaurant style. The guests come in and are given an option between meals and are served by volunteers.

As an office, we helped prepare the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the vegetarian option, wash and cut fresh strawberries and peel and cut hard boiled eggs. Once the guests arrived for the main meal of the day, we worked with other volunteers to plate, serve and wash dishes. Overall, we had a great time together and I look forward to volunteering there in the future.