I’m not a big football fan, but it’s hard not to notice the hum of excitement in Baltimore this week.

Last Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens won a nail-biter of a game in overtime against the Denver Broncos.  Seemingly overnight, purple billboards appeared on Interstate 95 advising the New England team to “Bring It!” to this Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

The front page of The Baltimore Sun is covered in Ravens news, including the video of a fan’s over-the-top reaction to last week’s win that went viral on the Internet. The Sun has also provided an amusing pictorial comparison of Baltimore vs. Boston (we would strongly disagree with the one category The Sun awards to Boston).

The Sun should also have included a welcome sign category. I’m sure Under Armour’s “Welcome to Baltimore” sign, visible from southbound 95 and 895, would have won. It features a 3D image of Raven’s linebacker, Ray Lewis, roaring at cars about to enter the Fort McHenry and Harbor tunnels.  At night, his eyes glow purple.

And Ray Lewis’ eyes aren’t the only thing! At night, half the city’s skyline is lit with purple lights.

Today (and every Friday during football season) is purple Friday. In the grocery store, on the Hopkins’ shuttle and in our own office, it would be easier to count the people who are NOT wearing purple.

I find a city this crazy for its home team rather endearing.

That spirit is also contagious.


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