Our new students are here and their classes have begun. Where will they study?

We have a few ideas.

They could study. . .

1. In the natural light of one of two fourth-floor reading rooms
Reading Room

2. With a view of world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital from the Lilienfeld Reading Room (Hampton House)
Lilienfeld Reading Room

3. With their peers in the student lounge
Student Lounge

4. With a sandwich and iced coffee in the Daily Grind
Daily Grind Coffee Shop

5. In the after-hours quiet of Jay's Cafe
Jay's Cafe

6. In front of the fireplace in the Hampton House Cafe
Hampton House Cafe

7. In an Adirondack chair on the ninth-floor patio
Ninth-floor patio

8. Beneath the Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder

9. In one of several semi-hidden alcoves

10. While riding a recombinant bike in the ninth-floor gym
Satellite gym

Where do you study?