Tidy upAs we move toward the peak of our application season, it seemed appropriate to address a few housekeeping issues.

Blog Comment vs. Email

We love your comments. We really do. But sometimes there is a little confusion over where to direct an inquiry.

In our mind, if you have a comment or question relevant to a specific blog post—particularly one whose answer will benefit all readers—by all means, post it in the comments of the blog!

If you have a question specific to you, your credentials, eligibility, etc.—email us at admiss@jhsph.edu so we can address your individual question and situation. Often we need to ask additional questions to provide an accurate answer and our current blog framework makes it difficult to follow a conversation string.

Comments – A Technicality

And speaking of our finicky blog framework, if you do leave a comment, please revisit that post to see our response. Our current blog set-up will not notify you when we reply to your question.

Comment Policy

We know you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth saying again.

We welcome your comments and opinions, but reserve the right to remove content that contains advertisements or commercial messages, are off-topic, or use offensive or inappropriate language. Comments that are defamatory, infringe the rights of others, or violate the law or University policy may also be removed.

This blog is administered by the Bloomberg School’s Admissions Services. If you have concerns about content, questions or comments, please direct them to�admiss@jhsph.edu.

Thank you again for reading AND commenting on our blog!