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Blakely Goldsmith

Admissions Coordinator

1. What do you like about living in/near Baltimore?

I grew up just outside of Baltimore City. Now I live downtown and I love living near the harbor. After visiting lots of other cities, I really have to say, I love the architecture and historic aspects of downtown Baltimore (considering we were one of the 13 colonies). There are beautifully designed areas especially in Mount Vernon.

2. Your favorite thing to do in Baltimore?

I was an Art History major so I enjoy going to our local museums like the Walters or the BMA, but on a beautiful day I love taking a walk from Canton to Fells point along the water.

3. Do you have a favorite Baltimore food/restaurant?

I have to say Maryland Crabs, particularly because I am obsessed with Old Bay. We have tons of great restaurants in Baltimore and since my favorite meal to eat is breakfast or brunch, Miss Shirley’s is one of my favorites.

4. What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy all the people I work with as well as meeting prospective students and answering their questions!

5. How long have you been at Hopkins?

I am one of the newest employees. I have only been here for a few months, but I’m learning a lot and really enjoy it!

6. Favorite color?

Bright orange!

7. Favorite sports team?

Obviously the Ravens - Ray Lewis is my hero!

8. Hobbies/activities?

I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends & family, traveling, and being active by taking walks or playing tennis in the spring and summer.

9. What did you have for lunch today?

A salad from Salad Creations. You can create your own and they have virtually every ingredient you can imagine!

10. If you were to be locked all by yourself in E1002 for one week, with no electrical power, what is one thing you would bring with you?

Well hopefully I wouldn’t be alone, because that would be scary. But if I was, then probably a long book to keep me occupied!