A current student discusses JHSPH programs with a prospective student.If you’ve seen our recruiting calendar, you know we travel all over the country to meet people like you – our prospective students!

One of the largest events we attend is the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting.

This isn’t your average grad fair. It’s a meeting of over 13,000 public health professionals. There are scientific sessions, learning institutes, networking opportunities, and an enormous public health expo.

This last is where you’ll find our staff. We man the Bloomberg School booth. Stop by and you may meet current students, alumni, faculty, or a dean.

This year’s APHA meeting was in San Francisco, October 27-31.

Next year, the APHA Annual Meeting will be in Boston, November 2-6.  Mark your calendar and visit our recruitment calendar next summer for details! We’ll see you there!