Calling all prospective Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health students! The 2020-2021 academic year application is now open! Admissions Services always encourages applicants to begin the application process well before the deadline.

Gathering the necessary materials takes longer than most applicants expect. Students who attended an institution outside of the U.S. or English-Speaking Canada must have each foreign transcript undergo a course by course iCap evaluation through WES. Each foreign degree earned must be evaluated, even if it does not pertain to public health. Due to the processes involved for the credentialing agency to verify the degree, the evaluation may take more than three months to complete. While some degree programs allow a grace period for documents to arrive and be processed by SOPHAS after the deadline, applicants are encouraged to begin the credential evaluation process early so that the credential evaluations arrive before or by the deadline.

Test scores also take time to process and be sent after the test date. Although the standardized tests are electronic, College Board must verify the scores before sending the scores to SOPHAS and then the scores are manually uploaded to the student’s record. While waiting to take the GRE, or other appropriate test, may allow for more time to prepare and study for the exam, it is important to leave at least three weeks between the test date and the application deadline to accommodate the manual processes.

Application advice and tips are common topics for the Admission Blogs. In the coming weeks, I will feature different aspects of the application. If you read a blog from previous application cycles, please know that admissions criteria may have changed. All future blog posts for the 2020-2021 academic year will use the tag Apply2020.

Admissions Services is always happy to answer any questions concerning the school or application process, so don’t hesitate to e-mail or call (410-955-3543).