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Grand Rounds, 2001

October 31, 2001
"Building Bridges: Community-Academic Research Partnerships"
Keynote Speaker: Lawrence W. Green, DrPH, Director, Office of Extramural Prevention Research, Associate Director for Prevention Research & Academic Partnerships, Public Health Practice Program Office, Center for Disease Control
Public Forum Featuring Community Partnerships

October 17, 2001
The 2001 Daniel Raskin Symposium in Injury Protection
"Alcohol, Drugs, and Medications vs. Transportation Safety"

Jim Hall, Former Chair, National Transportation Safety Board
Susan P. Baker, MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Dennis Canfield, PhD, Civil Aeromedical Institute, FAA
Mitchell Garber, MD, MSME, National Transportation Safety Board
Guohua Li, MD, MPH, DrPH, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

October 11, 2001
"The Public's Health: Universal Health Care in Maryland, A Reality?"


Debbie, I. Chang, MPH, Deputy Secretary
Office of Health Care Financing, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Members of the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative
Peter Beilenson, MD, MPH, Commissioner, Baltimore City Health Department, President, Board of Directors
Vinny DeMarco, Executive Director

Members of the Initiative's Technical Advisory Committee (including faculty from the School)

October 3, 2001
"HIV Prevention and Control in Thailand: A Tale of Two Epidemics"

Speaker: David Celentano, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology 

September 19, 2001
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Future of Public Health

Speaker: J. Michael McGinnis, MD
Senior Vice President and Director, Health Group
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

May 10, 2001
"When Can We Impose Good Health on Others?
A New Framework for Public Health Ethics"

April 30, 2001
"Good News/Bad News:
What Makes News?"

April 26, 2001
"Statistics in Practice: Monitoring Epidemics"

April 12, 2001
"The Chronically Acute Patient: An Urbanscape in Health"

April 4, 2001
"Ecology of Emerging Disease: Environmental Pollution and Population Growth"
(The Third Annual Edward and Nancy Dodge Lecture)

March 27, 2001
"Youth Violence: Science, Policy, and Practice"

March 8, 2001
"The Decision To Live or Die: Molecules, Cells, and Organisms"

February 23, 2001
"Promoting Public Health: A Dose of Creative Marketing"

February 8, 2001
"Working In The Community: Prostate Cancer Prevention---from Observation to Intervention"

February 1, 2001
"What Will It Take To Make The World A Healthier Place?"
(The Annual J. Douglas Colman Lecture)

December 7, 2001
"Quantitative Analysis of Public Health Data: From Longitudinal Studies to Statistical Genetics"


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