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Occupational & Environmental Medicine Training Program

Selected Resident Publications

Reddy G, Martinez A, Juraschek S, Piedramartel A, Agnew J. Occupational health for Latinos in Baltimore: Translating research into education-based interventions. American Public Health Association Annual Conference, Washington DC, 2011.

Duffy E, Grussendorf C, Gochfeld M, Baker B, Weaver V. Outreach to Potential Occupational Medicine Residency Program Applicants. American Occupational Health Conference, Orlando, Florida, May, 2010.

Dorsey C. Comparison of patella lead with blood lead and tibia lead and their associations with neurobehavioral test scores. Irving J. Selikoff and Cesare Maltoni Student Poster Competition Award (first prize) at the 2005 Collegium Ramazinni conference, Bologna, Italy.

Kuhlman J. Performing a medical audit of a lead medical surveillance program. Presentation to U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Office of Occupational Medicine, Washington DC, 2005.

Schafer JH, Glass TA, Schwartz BS. Blood lead is a predictor of homocysteine levels in a population- based study of older adults. Society for Toxicology, 43rd Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, 2004.

Lieske J. Peer-to-peer training for bloodborne pathogens. Presented at the International Committee on Occupational Health (ICOH) “Ideas that Sizzle” Conference, Baltimore, MD, 2003.