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Occupational & Environmental Medicine Training Program

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

This two-month rotation, at OSHA’s national office in Washington, DC, is designed to provide residents with an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment of occupational safety and health. They learn how occupational health policy is developed and applied at the national level. Residents work with OSHA staff in the Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN), which now includes two of our graduates. They become familiar with the organizational structure and function of OSHA including rulemaking activities; recordkeeping/reporting requirements; and compliance/enforcement activities. They learn about OSHA’s programs to promote occupational safety and health including consultation services; Voluntary Protection Programs; and Training and Educational Services. They participate in the full range of OSHA activities, including providing technical support for rulemaking, assisting OSHA’s field offices in compliance investigations; answering inquiries from health professionals, government agencies, and the public; and developing Safety and Health Information Bulletins (SHIBs). They participate in a worksite investigation to obtain first-hand knowledge of the OSHA enforcement process. The rotation culminates in a Resident Educational Conference for agency personnel.  This rotation has been offered as either a requirement or elective for our residents since the 1980s.