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Occupational & Environmental Medicine Training Program


Offered as an elective since the 1990s, the rotation at GlaxoSmithKline, in Philadelphia, provides residents with experience with a comprehensive employer-based occupational health program for a pharmaceutical company. They learn about occupational health hazards associated with the pharmaceutical industry; participate in disability case management; and observe methods of data collection and useful parameters to monitor programs. They learn about strategies to manage the health and productivity of employees; how to integrate wellness into an occupational health program; and about the psychosocial work environment and its impact on health as well as assessment and intervention methods to mediate this occupational hazard.  They also learn about the role of a corporate medical director in support of employer-provided healthcare benefits, including the benefits appeal process and the rationale forthe service delivery model and business constraints in providing services. Residents gain an understanding for the implementation of global environment, health and safety programs in the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry. They visit onsite Employee Health Centers. In addition, they tour the biotech manufacturing site and an R&D facility.