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General Preventive Medicine Residency

Charlie Preston

I'm a medical officer in the Office of International Programs at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, where I work on strengthening the regulatory components of health systems in low and middle-income countries.

prestonI've traveled around the world—from China to Kenya to Geneva. This is important work to do because, as access to medical products increases, it is also necessary to ensure safety and quality.

Globalization is a critical factor too, because products are increasingly coming from overseas, and there is a need to make sure foreign regulatory systems are robust. My job is highly interdisciplinary and involves aspects of public health, development, diplomacy, policy and communications, to name a few fields, and my training at Hopkins was instrumental in preparing me for this work.

Beyond an MPH and the flexibility I had to get involved in what I was interested in that first year, I had the freedom to pursue my passion for government and public service by moving to Washington the second year of the residency and doing practicum rotations there.

In short, I got a wonderful generalist training and this has allowed me to do many different things.