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General Preventive Medicine Residency

Aldo Tinoco

For a little over 10 years, I dedicated myself to improving the quality and safety of health care through system-level interventions, such as the use of electronic health record systems and the public reporting of provider performance and outcomes of care.

tinocoThis work involves an understanding of the health care delivery system, population health management and the tools for the evaluation, implementation and monitoring the effects of interventions.

When I decided to pursue a residency in public health and general preventive medicine to obtain these tools, I sought a program that would integrate my experience in health information technology with my interests in quality improvement and health policy.

The General Preventive Medicine Residency at the Bloomberg School provided me with hands-on experiences with new models in healthcare delivery and quality improvement (e.g., the patient centered medical home, Lean six sigma, and the Baldrige Program for Performance Excellence), and the opportunity to work on projects with faculty who are nationally-recognized leaders in health IT-based quality measurement.

The residency program provided skills and training that I use each day at work with the National Committee for Quality Assurance in Washington, DC, and it reinforced the fundamental principles of public health and clinical preventive medicine that all board-certified physicians in our specialty must possess.