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General Preventive Medicine Residency

General Preventive Medicine Residency


The General Preventive Medicine Residency program at the Bloomberg School is a two-year training program that prepares physicians for leadership roles in public health.

Our mission is to prepare physicians in the theoretical, practical and clinical knowledge and skills essential for careers in the design, management and evaluation of population-based approaches to health.

The General Preventive Medicine Residency instills in its residents:

  • The ability to synthesize clinical and population-based approaches to disease prevention and health promotion
  • The ability to view health issues on a broad continuum from local to international in perspective
  • The skills needed to discover and apply knowledge toward the protection of the public's health
  • The management and epidemiologic skills needed to address the overall health needs of underserved populations
  • The clinical skills needed to treat specific diseases that disproportionately affect underserved populations

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