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Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology Training Program


The overall objective of the cardiovascular epidemiology training program is to produce cardiovascular disease epidemiologists with rigorous methodologic training and multidisciplinary orientation with the skills to carry out high-quality cardiovascular health research. Our goal is to develop trainees who will serve as teachers and role models for the next generation of cardiovascular disease epidemiologists. 

Trainees will receive a strong foundation in cardiovascular disease epidemiology, which will equip them to utilize new approaches in their research as the knowledge base in the field evolves. In addition, the program will stress the importance of new ideas, creative thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration in the accomplishment of epidemiologic research goals. 

The four core elements of the training program, similar for both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees, are:

The duration of the training varies in order to meet the needs of the individual trainees

 Areas of special emphasis: