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Bloomberg Leadership Series

The aim of the Bloomberg Leadership Series is to foster personal and professional leadership skills among all students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

The program consists of a series of schoolwide speakers from diverse fields and backgrounds who address various aspects of leadership. It is made possible thanks to the support of Dean Emeritus Michael J. KlagBill Ward (the Bloomberg Leadership Series faculty director) and our speakers who generously share their time.

Select Past Speakers

satcherNASA astronaut and orthopedic surgeon Robert Satcher told students and staff about what he learned from his grueling spaceflight training—and how the medical community could benefit from the more assertive leadership culture of the military and corporate worlds.


petersAuthor and management guru Tom Peters stressed the power of personal diplomacy, reminding his audience that brilliant research alone isn’t enough. “What you do for a living is political,” he insisted. “You don’t accomplish a damn thing in this world unless you’re a fabulous salesperson.”


powellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell drew a packed house, giving a four-star general’s perspective on leadership. “I’ve never been in a good outfit that didn’t have standards that caused everybody to complain,” he said. “They shouldn’t be impossible, but high enough so that everybody has to reach and do more than they think they’re capable of.”


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