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Master’s Programs

The Bloomberg School offers nine different master’s degree programs.

The MPH, MAS, and MA are schoolwide degree programs. All other master’s programs are based within individual departments and institutes—so be sure to contact your department of interest for more information.

Which Master's Is Right For You?

        A master's degree from the Bloomberg School catalyzes the powers of education, science, partnerships, people, and advocacy. 

Programs welcome those from within and outside the traditional boundaries of public health. Whether you're a future college graduate, a midcareer public health leader, or someone looking to make a career change, choosing the right master's degree is essential. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • The Master's Tuition Scholarship provides a 75% tuition discount during the second year of study for eligible students. Most two-year master's degrees qualify. 
  • Application deadlines vary, with some as early as December and some as late as July.  
  • Degree programs offer a range of practical applications from research to leadership.
  • Master's students in the MSPH and MHA programs can complete a field placement component for work experience while pursuing their degree. 

Here's a breakdown of degree programs:

MBE—Master of Bioethics at the Berman Institute1.5 years full-time or 2-4 years of part-time courseworkProfessionals from diverse backgrounds, especially those interested in civic lifeFull-time or part-time, onsiteMultidisciplinary study focusing on the ethics of clinical medicine, research, science, and public healthFull-time MBE applicants are automatically considered for scholarships—no additional application required. 
MAPHB—Master of Arts in Public Health Biology 2-3 years of part-time courseworkStudents and professionals looking to advance their careersFully online, part-timeFlexible degree that focuses on biological tenets and research methods relevant to current public health issuesAn interdepartmental degree that crosses three biological science-based departments: BMB, EHE, and MMI

MAS—Master of Applied Science offered by OPAL

2-3 years of coursework culminating in an integrative activityProfessionals with previous  experience   or  prior courseworkFully online, part-timeSkill-building, professional degree in a flexible format

All MAS students receive the OPAL Scholarship

MHA—Master of Health Administration 1 year of coursework plus 11 months of paid field placementFuture health delivery organization leaders in U.S. health careFull-time, onsiteBusiness degree of health administration with a strong foundation in public healthEstablished field placement opportunities such as GBMC's career pipeline
MHS—Master of Health ScienceTypically 1 year of coursework culminating in a thesis/projectThose seeking further graduate work or research careersFull-time, onsiteAcademic degree focusing on a specific area of public health, typically research-orientedOffered in all 10 departments and in a graduate training program in Clinical Investigation
MPH—Master of Public Health11 months to 3 years of coursework depending on formatProfessionals with 2 years of post-baccalaureate, health-related work experienceRange of flexible formatsFlexible professional degree with customizable focal areaCan be completed fully online, fully onsite, or anywhere in between
MSPH—Master of Science in Public Health Typically 1 year of coursework followed by a 4- to 11-month field placementStudents seeking focused skills in a specific field or who don't yet have two years of health-related work experience Full-time, onsiteProfessional degree in a specific area of public healthField placement experiences can evolve into full-time employment post-degree
MS—Master of Science in Toxicology for Human Risk AssessmentTypically 1 year of coursework followed by a 7- to 12-month internshipStudents who want to increase their knowledge and skills needed to begin or advance their career as professionals in the evolving field of human health and environmental risk assessmentFull-time, onsiteProfessional degree focused on fundamental concepts and testing approaches used in classic risk assessment processes Only program of its kind in the U.S. Students completing the program can also earn the Certificate in Risk Sciences and Public Policy
ScM—Master of ScienceTypically 1 year of coursework plus 1 year of original research culminating in a thesisStudents interested in hands-on experiences leading to prominent research careersFull-time, onsiteFocused academic degree with emphasis on original public health researchStudents get hands-on experience and conduct their own research