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Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time

Women’s & Reproductive Health

The MPH concentration in Women’s and Reproductive Health focuses on understanding the general and reproductive health status of women, the determinants of their health status, and preventive strategies and programs to address women’s health and well-being, as well as the health of their newborns.  Students may choose to focus on women’s, reproductive or perinatal health concerns either domestically or in a developing country setting. 

Competencies Gained

  • The scope and magnitude of health problems for women with regard to their health in general and reproductive health, with a focus across the life span, and including infectious, chronic and disabling conditions
  • The determinants of women's and reproductive health, including socio-economic, cultural, behavioral, environmental, political and other determinants
  • Analytic skills in the core MPH courses, as they are applied to women’s and reproductive health as well as other methodological skills including demographic, sociological, and epidemiologic methods, and intervention/program evaluation techniques
  • Development and implementation of public health programs and clinical interventions to improve the reproductive health and well being of women, including programs related to family planning services, safe motherhood, or health during the reproductive years

Course of Study

Students must complete the following course: if the course is used as the Behavioral and Social Science Requirement for the MPH, it does not count in the five-course requirement for the concentration.
380.604Life Course Perspectives on Health*4 credits1st term [Internet - 1st term]
Students are also required to complete one course from each of the three areas below:
Epidemiology and Health:
380.666Women's Health3 credits3rd term
380.668International Perspectives on Women, Gender and Health3 credits3rd term
380.664Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology4 credits4th term
Policies and Programs:
380.624Maternal & Child Health Legislation and Programs4 credits2nd term
380.665Family Planning Policies and Programs4 credits3rd term


Women's Health Policy
Selected Topics in Women's Health and Health Policy

3 credits

4 credits

4th term

1st term - Internet

Clinical Aspects:
221.627Issues in the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Low Income Countries4 credits2nd term
380.761STI in Public Health Practice*4 credits3rd term [Internet - 4th term]
380.661Clinical Aspects of Maternal and Newborn Health3 credits3rd term
380.760Clinical Aspects of Reproductive Health3 credits3rd term
Students are recommended to take the following course to meet their biology requirement:
120.620Fundamentals of Reproductive Biology*3 credits1st term [Internet - 2nd term]
Students must also select two additional courses. A course from the above list that does not fulfill the three concentration course requirements may also be selected.
380.749Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health3 credits4th term
380.767Couples and Reproductive Health3 credits1st term
380.765Preventing Infant Mortality & Promoting the Health of Women, Infants & Children3 credits4th term - Internet Only
380.662Critiquing the Research Literature in Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive Health4 credits2nd term
380.762HIV Infection in Women, Children and Adolescents4 credits4th term [Internet - 4th term]
380.641Prenatal and Infant Growth and Development3 credits1st term
380.771Understanding International Reproductive Health Policy3 credits4th term

*May not be used as one of the concentration electives if it is used to fulfill an MPH core requirement.

Capstone Experience

The MPH capstone experience in Women's and Reproductive Health is an opportunity for students to apply the competencies and skills acquired through coursework and other related educational activities (e.g. practicum). Most students fulfill the capstone by undertaking independent investigation with a concentration-affiliated faculty. The project may involve, but is not limited to, undertaking a data analysis, literature review with a focus on policy and programmatic implications, or an analysis of a public health problem using the problem solving paradigm or other related conceptual models. Students register for the 2-credit MPH Capstone Course (XXX.800) in the 4th term. 

Students may also take an additional 1-4 credits of special studies research (XXX.840) for the capstone experience, beginning as early as the 2nd term under the direction of the student's capstone advisor. A written product is required.

Capstone Presentation

The MPH concentration in Women's and Reproductive Health Capstone presentations will be held during a separate evening session prior to the Saturday Capstone Project Symposium.

Maternal and Child Health Certificate

Students in the Women's and Reproductive Health Concentration may also pursue the Maternal and Child Health Certificate. However, there are additional course requirements outside the concentration requirements.

Faculty Concentration Directors

Donna Strobino, PhD, Professor, Population, Family and Reproductive Health, 410-502-5451,

Saifuddin Ahmed, PhD, Associate Professor, Population, Family & Reproductive Healthx4-4952;