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Course Planning & Registration

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Course Planning

All students will need to develop an academic plan as part of the MPH Individualized Goals Analysis requirement in consultation with their faculty advisor.  Each student's plan is unique and should identify the goals for their MPH education by explaining what they hope to gain in terms of knowledge, skills, personal and professional contacts, and other experiences while a student in the MPH program.  Students are encouraged to identify additional competencies particularly relevant to their professional future. 

The next step in the course planning process is to know where to find the course information that you will need to plan courses term-by-term and register for classes. 

To determine the registration period, dates of instruction, and add/drop period for an academic term, refer to the Bloomberg School academic calendar.

The most reliable source of course information is the online Course Catalog. It supersedes what is published on other websites (such as the MPH, Distance Education or Institute websites) or on static schedules (such as the printed brochures that are available at the Student Affairs Office).  Below are some tips for searching the course catalog.

Course Catalog - Basic Search:

  • The Basic Search tool allows you to search for courses by Term, Department, Year, Instructor, Course Number, Course Title, Location, or key words.
  • To see a listing of courses for a specific academic term, search the Course Catalog by "Term" and "Year".
  • To search for specific courses, search by "Course Number" or by course title in the "Search Words" field.  Be sure that the correct academic year is also selected.
  • For a listing of courses by location (such as "Internet" or "Baltimore"), select from the "Location" field.  Be sure that the correct academic year is also selected.
  • To view a course description, click on the course number from the list of "Search Results".  Required prerequisites or instructor consent for enrollment (if any) will be noted at the bottom of the course description.

Course Catalog - Advanced Search:

  • The advanced search tool allows you to search for classes or lab schedules with additional variables such as Days of the Week, Number of Credits, and Start and End Times.
  • Click on the "Show Advanced Search" link to enter the variables you wish to search.

Additional course resource information may be found at the following sites:


Advisor Approval

Advisor approval is a requirement for all course registrations. The student and faculty advisor should meet or communicate to review and approve the student's course registration each academic term.  If the advisor is unavailable (out of town for long period, etc.) and the student needs to register immediately (to avoid late fees, meet funding-imposed deadlines, etc.), the student may register, talk to the advisor later, and make any advisor-recommended changes during the add/drop period.

Course Registration via ISIS (Integrated Student Information System)

After identifying the courses that you want to take, proceed to the ISIS online registration system to register.  For step-by-step instructions, please see Using the Online Registration System. The registration period dates for each academic term are listed in the academic calendar.

Room Locations for Classes

The room locations for courses will appear on your course schedule in ISIS prior to the start of each academic term.  A hard copy of the room listing will be available at the Student Affairs office (E1002) at the beginning of each term.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Changes in course registration may be made via ISIS during the first two weeks of the academic term (exception: for courses offered during the Summer term, Summer Institute, and Winter Intersession; course-specific add/drop deadlines may apply). As indicated in the Bloomberg School Add/Drop Policy, the course instructor's approval is required for each added course.  Advisor approval is required for dropping a course.

Interdivisional Registration

MPH students may take courses at other Johns Hopkins divisions with advisor approval. Enrollment in interdivisional courses is on a space-available basis and enrollment priority is first given to students in the home divisional school.  Those enrollments require students to complete an interdivisional registration form.

Academic Holds on Registration

Students who fail to meet MPH academic requirements or standards may receive an academic hold on registration and transcripts. In order to lift an academic hold, the student must contact the MPH program office.