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Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time


What can you do with an MPH degree? Stats and stories from MPH alumni can help to answer your questions.

Below is employment data from a survey administered to MPH alumni in January 2016. 


  • 80% – Employed in domestic public health positions
  • 20% – Employed in global health positions

Type of Organizations

  • Federal Government
  • Hospital or Other Healthcare Provider
  • University Healthcare Setting
  • Non-Profit (Foundation or Programmatic)
  • Consulting Firm
  • Non-Profit/Research
  • State or Local Health Department
  • Health Insurance
  • NGO


  • Boston Children’s Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Health System, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Ministry of Health (Brazil, Austria, Norway)
  • State & Local Health Departments
  • FDA, USAID, CDC, HHS, HRSA, Indian Health Services
  • Booz Allen Hamilton, ICF International, JS Consultancy Services, Leidos, McKinsey & Company
  • Chase Brexton Health Care, Kaiser Permanente
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • JHPIEGO, CCP, Population Council, Sabin Vaccine Institute, Pew Charitable Trusts

Top Job Titles

  • Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Analyst
  • Director, Associate Director, Executive Director, Branch Chief
  • Consultant, Associate, Strategy Consultant
  • Fellow, Intern Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Manager, Project Manager, Supervisor, Lead
  • Epidemiologist, Biostatistician
  • Nurse Practitioner, Nurse
  • Public Health Physician
  • Program Officer, Program Associate
  • Doctoral Student 

The employment data found here is from MPH alumni who responded to our survey inquiries January 2016 through March 2016. The data is intended to provide an overview of the employment and education status of our recent graduates Work authorization status, additional graduate degree, past work experience, labor market trends, overall economic climate and graduate dedication to seeking meaningful employment must all be taken into consideration when making conclusions regarding these statistics.


Tolbert NyenswahTolbert Nyenswah, LLB, MPH ’12

Deputy Minister of Health for Disease Surveillance and Epidemic Control, Liberia

“The wisest decision I ever made was to go to Hopkins and I am grateful I was given the opportunity to attend.”

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Cathie BorrieCathie Borrie, MPH '81

Author and Performer

“I feel a profound emotional connection with Hopkins that applies to many aspects of my life, and which I fully expect to last my lifetime.”


Debraj "Raj" MukherjeeDebraj “Raj” Mukherjee, MD, MPH ’08


“The knowledge and skills I learned at JHSPH continue to shape my research methods and objectives daily.”


Noor Sabah RakhshaniNoor Sabah Rakhshani, MBBS, MPH ’08, DrPH ’14


“My Kaka (grandfather) wanted me to be a successful clinician, but when I decided to go into research he was just as supportive and happy for me. It meant a lot to him that I got my master’s and doctoral degrees from Hopkins.”

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Elizabeth FracicaElizabeth Fracica

Medical Student

“I don’t think medical students and physicians do a good enough job of translating research into actual public health policy and advocacy efforts. I want to bridge the gap between the two—and now I know how.”

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Kristi EbongKristi Ebong, MPH/MBA ’14

Director of Health Technology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“People around the globe have brilliant ideas everyday, but being able to bring those ideas to fruition is both an art and a science. That’s where my JHSPH experience was so important.”

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Bret SmokerBret Smoker, MD, MPH ’14

Clinical Director, Sante Fe Service Unit

“I sought this out for enrichment and intellectual stimulation. And it has exceeded my expectations twenty-fold. I’m just blown away with how hands-on and personalized the [online/part-time] experience has been.”

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Career Services

The Office of Career Services at the Bloomberg School helps students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers navigate the world of public health jobs.The office provides career counseling and maintains a robust database of public health jobs and internships, among other professional development needs.

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