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Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time

Nwanze ‘Somnazu MD

Nwanze Somnazu

Professional Background:
Medical Doctor, Graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Latest assignment was with the Nigerian Youth Corps (Medical Corps). Strong interest in expanding Universal Health Care in the world’s emerging economies, strengthening Public-Private Partnerships between their governments and the rapidly emerging private corporate business sector which I firmly believe it is critical to involve in healthcare. It is to ameliorate the double tragedy, where the most vulnerable parts of the world have the most vulnerable segment of their population- women and children, underserved.

Reason Enrolled in Hopkins MPH:
What better way to be exposed to the most current and evidence-based initiatives into global public health? The wealth of experience underscores why the Faculty at Hopkins are, were & will be amongst the most important shapers of Public Health Policy in every corner of the globe. Imagine the thrill of an eager young doctor from a country where immunizable diseases like polio ARE STILL killers, receiving instruction from D.A. Henderson? Or where Under-5 mortality is appalling, interacting with Alfred Sommer? Now is there any other school I could have attended?

Impression of the Program so far:
I completely understand why this University is consistently ranked as the top institution in the world in the field of Public health. There is such a treasure chest of experiences here. Both the faculty and an extremely diverse body of students, have experienced, worked in, managed & coordinated a plethora of health situations and so much more….

I can see myself tempted to continue for a PhD at the end of the program. But on the other hand, the heady call of the wild wants me to put in action the skills learned at the school immediately, if not yesterday, in that vast world out there living up to the great Hopkins mantra “protecting health, saving lives…..millions at a time” Final decision to be disclosed at Commencement 2010!