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Interdepartmental Program in Health Economics

Message from the Director

David Bishai, Message from the DirectorWelcome to health economics at Johns Hopkins.

This is a great place to study and do research because of our people, our place and the economic problems we get to solve.  Health economics at Hopkins involves economists from 6 of the school’s departments and we  span the range of the field of health economics  from health care financing and commodity markets, to decision sciences, econometrics, economic evaluation, preference elicitation, health production, population health and economic demography.  We are on top of outcomes research, health care labor markets and health reform.  We have substantial depth in the pharmacoeconomics of vaccines and the emerging issues in global health on injuries and chronic diseases.  Our health economists are excellent collaborators and our links to health care institutions inside the university and in federal, state, and local government gives us plenty to do.  You are welcome to join us.