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Admissions Information

Applications for the for the June 2020 start in the Schoolwide DrPH Program open in August 2019. Applications are processed through the online portal Schools of Public Health Application Services (SOPHAS).


Period to request a GRE/GMAT test waiver (see guidelines below): April 1st-October 15th

Deadline to submit application in SOPHAS: December 1st                                        

Deadline to apply for Bloomberg Fellowship: December 1st                                                    

Supporting document deadline (transcripts & letters of recommendation): December 15th

Review of applications: December-February; please note: interviews for admission are conducted on an ad hoc basis--not receiving a request for an interview is not indicative of an admissions decision and vice versa.

Communication of offers: Early March


Welcome reception (please join us!): TBD

312.700.11 Leading Organizations (required course): TBD

SW DrPH Orientation (required): TBD

At a minimum, incoming schoolwide DrPH students should plan to spend approximately one week in June in Baltimore to take one Summer Institute course and to attend Orientation. Additional Summer Institute courses of interest are offered starting throughout the month of June. The DrPH Program Office will circulate a schedule of these courses during the onboarding process, should students wish to take additional Summer Institute courses.

**DrPH Bloomberg Fellowship recipients may have additional orientation requirements in Baltimore; please coordinate these dates with the Bloomberg Fellowship Office.


In addition to standard School application materials, DrPH applicants should also possess:

* The DrPH Program will accept a health-related master's degree as qualification for applying to the DrPH Program; however, students who have not completed an MPH may need to take additional coursework concurrent with the 57 didactic credits required for the DrPH. Please see the core course section of this website and the FAQ for examples of other master's degrees with which students have entered the program.

All of the factors listed above will be carefully considered in the admissions process, with special emphasis on applicants’ practice experience and promise as a public health leader.

Please note - students should identify only one choice of program concentration (and track where relevant) when applying for the DrPH in SOPHAS. If the customized program is preferred, a separate question in the SOPHAS admissions form asks applicants to describe briefly a) their proposed area of study; b) their academic goals; and c) 8-10 courses they could take at JHSPH.

Visit the Admissions Office to learn about the online application process.

Official GRE/GMAT Scores

All applicants, regardless of their academic or professional background, must submit official GRE or GMAT scores less than 5 years old or be approved for a GRE/GMAT score waiver. The DrPH Admissions Committee evaluates DrPH applications holistically; however, the GRE/GMAT score is an important component of the application review process. Thus, the DrPH Admissions Committee strongly advises all applicants to submit official GRE/GMAT scores less than 5 years old.

The DrPH Admissions Committee does not accept MCAT scores in lieu of GRE or GMAT scores.

Information regarding GRE expiration dates and requesting official GRE scores is available on the ETS GRE website; the SOPHAS code for the Bloomberg School of Public Health is 3738. It takes a minimum of five business days, and often longer, to process requests to send GRE scores. Thus, if the date on which your scores are no longer reportable is approaching, you will need to request your scores early to allow time for processing.

Information regarding GMAT expiration dates and requesting official GMAT scores is available on the GMAT website; the SOPHAS code for the Bloomberg School of Public Health is KGB-3R-06. It takes a minimum of 7 calendar days, and often longer, to process requests to send GMAT scores. Please allow additional time if you are a non-US test taker.

GRE/GMAT Waiver Request Guidelines

GRE/GMAT waivers may be granted in rare cases if the applicant can provide the following:

  • Transcripts from a graduate program completed within the last ten years with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above that included at least 2 graduate-level quantitative courses (e.g., biostatistics) in which the applicant earned a B or better;

And at least one of the following: 

  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) personal score report of the GRE taken within the last 7 years with both quantitative and verbal scores greater than 60%. The ETS score report must be provided – self-reported scores will not be accepted; or
  • GMAC generated personal score report of the GMAT taken within the last 7 years with both quantitative and verbal scores greater than 60%. The GMAC score report must be provided – self-reported scores will not be accepted; or
  • Evidence of extensive (at least 3 years) direct quantitative work experience (e.g., performed the statistical analysis for a major project documented as author in peer-reviewed publication).

**Waiver requests that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered.**

GRE/GMAT Waiver Request Process

To be considered for a possible GRE/GMAT waiver, the applicant needs to complete the Online Request Form and email the supporting documentation indicated below.

Waiver requests and all supporting documents for the June 2020 application cycle must be received between April 1st and October 15th; no new waiver requests or incomplete waiver requests will be considered after October 15th. Submission of a GRE/GMAT waiver request does not guarantee approval of a waiver.

If an applicant’s waiver request is denied or the applicant is unable to meet the waiver request deadline, the applicant will be required to submit an official GRE/GMAT score less than 5 years old to complete the SOPHAS application, and for the application to be reviewed. Please plan accordingly.

Below are the information and supporting documentation required for consideration of an applicant’s GRE/GMAT test score waiver request. Applicants need to email the following documentation via email to at the same time they submit the online form:

Required documentation:

  • Basis on which the applicant is requesting a waiver of the test score (rationale) in Word;
  • Intended DrPH concentration;
  • Copies of the applicant’s transcripts for graduate degree(s) completed within the last 10 years with an overall GPA of 3.75 or higher that include at least 2 quantitative courses with a grade of B or higher (these transcripts can be unofficial for the purposes of waiver consideration, while official transcripts must be submitted as part of the SOPHAS application); and
  • Copy of applicant’s current resume or CV.

One of the following is also required: 

  • ETS personal score report of applicant’s scores from GRE exams taken within the last 5-7 years (self-reported scores will not be accepted); or
  • GMAC personal score report of the applicant's scores from GMAT exams taken within the last 5-7 years (self-reported scores will not be accepted); or
  • Evidence of the applicant’s direct quantitative and analytical work. We understand this will be included in your CV, but to use quantitative work experience as a justification for the GRE/GMAT waiver, we require specific details on the context of the applicant’s direct quantitative and analytical work and any related scholarly publications.

Once an applicant’s request and supporting documentation are received, they will be reviewed by program faculty and considered for possible waiver of the test score. Applicants will receive a final decision within 4 weeks of the DrPH Program Office's receipt of a GRE/GMAT waiver request and all required documentation.

State-specific Information for Online Students

Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.