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Prerequisite courses for the School-wide DrPH Program 

The courses listed below should be taken during a prior MPH program (or relevant health-focused graduate program), in order to provide academic foundation for the DrPH program.

If students have not taken these courses or equivalent ones during their MPH (or other relevant graduate program), then they will be required to take them during the coursework phase of the DrPH program, in addition to the minimum 64 credits required for the DrPH degree.

           * successful passing of a waiver exam may be required to confirm mastery of course content 

When students apply to the DrPH program, their prior coursework will be reviewed and considered for applicability towards program prerequisites. Students may be asked to submit course descriptions and syllabi for prior coursework, in order to evaluate comparability of topics and learning objectives. Admitted students will be informed which prerequisite courses (if any) are not met, and will need to be taken in addition to the DrPH requirements.

Students who need to take additional courses to fulfill any outstanding prerequisite requirements should consult the list of MPH core courses available online. This list identifies JHSPH courses that would meet the DrPH prerequisite requirements.While not all courses are available online, many are offered in that format, or onsite during Summer or Winter Institute. Additional prerequisite course options also are indicated in the DrPH Handbook.

State-specific Information for Online Students

Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.