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Bachelor's Degree and Master of Health Science (Bachelor's/MHS) or Bachelor's Degree and Master of Science in Public Health (Bachelor's/MSPH) or Bachelor's Degree and Master of Health Administration (Bachelor's/MHA)

Undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University that are already interested in pursuing advanced degrees can get a head start through these combined degree programs at the Bloomberg School.


The Bachelor's degree and the Master of Health Science (MHS) combined degree program prepares students for further graduate work or prominent careers in research and science.

The Department of Environmental Health & Engineering, the Department of Epidemiology, Department of International Health, the Department of Health, Behavior and Society, the Department of Health Policy and Management and the Department of Mental Health all offer the Bachelor's/MHS degree program.


The Bachelor's and the Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) combined degree program offers students the opportunity to integrate focused academic training with real-world public health practice.

The  Department of Health Policy and ManagementDepartment of International Health, the Department of Health, Behavior and Society and the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health all offer the Bachelor's/MSPH degree program.


The Bachelor's degree and the Master of Health Administration (MHA) is designed for undergraduate students currently enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University.

 The  Department of Health Policy and Management offers the Bachelor's/MHA degree program.

How to Apply

Undergraduate students should formally apply for early admission by July 1 following their junior year of undergraduate coursework.

Admitted students must complete their Bachelor's degree before formally enrolling in the Bloomberg School, but up to one half of the public health credits earned inter-divisionally toward their Bachelor's may also apply toward their MHS, MSPH or MHA degree.

To apply, please use the SOPHAS Express application, making sure to select the appropriate combined degree option for your degree designation. Please send an official transcript to the Admissions Services Office at:

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Admissions Services
615 N. Wolfe St., Ste. E1002
Baltimore, MD 21205