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Leading Transformation for Value-based Health Care

Welcome Letter

Greetings prospective participants,

With the increasing uncertainty and budgetary pressures faced by health systems in the U.S. and throughout the world, an organization’s success will depend increasingly on their team’s ability to drive growth, improve care and collaborate within the organization to oversee health improvements and cost efficiencies across the continuum of care.

The Johns Hopkins Leading Transformation for Value-based health care executive education program is the first inter-professional leadership development course that gives you the skills and tools to lead and manage change in today’s health care uncertainty. 

What makes this leadership development program so unique?  The comprehensive content taught by experts in hands-on, engaging workshops ranges from core concepts in directing teams, successful negotiating, building trust to the basics of risk analytics, behavioral economics and emotional intelligence.  The latest healthcare IT systems, as well as all facets of value-based care are explored. 

Also included is an in-depth look at multiple aspects of population health, including community health partnerships, primary care redesign of the patient-centered medical home and using population health data to shift to a learning healthcare system. The practical application of developing and adapting quality measurement is an essential learning.  Value-based reimbursement models and metrics help round out population health modeling of financial applications of risk adjustment.  Ethics, behavioral change and small team, inter-professional projects help contextualize the content and polish presentation skills.

Grounded in the nation’s #1 Schools of Public Health and Nursing, the renowned School of Medicine and the Carey Business School, this course will offer everything developing leaders need to know to thrive in the current environment of constant change.  The program structure of short, in-person beginning, middle and end onsite collaboration combined with web-based lectures respects the busy schedules of health care executives, while delivering unique value to the participants' professional growth.

Let us know if you have any questions and hope to see you in class!

David Chin, MD, MBA
Distinguished Scholar
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine