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Applying to a Certificate Program as a Non-Degree Applicant

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program at either the Bloomberg School or the Johns Hopkins University, you are considered a "non-degree applicant."  All non-degree applicants wishing to apply for certificate programs must review the non-degree students' table of application procedures and deadlines below. Non-degree applicants must apply through SOPHAS Express and pay the application fee. Students who have not completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution are typically not eligible to apply for JHSPH certificate programs, as the coursework for certificate programs is at the graduate level.

Certificate students may not apply the same courses (either elective or required) towards more than one certificate program. Certificate students may only enroll in one certificate program at a time and must complete one certificate program before beginning coursework towards another program. Certificate students may not register for additional courses at JHSPH beyond those that have been approved as necessary to complete the certificate program. 

International Applicants Please Note: Certificate programs typically do NOT qualify for visa sponsorship.  Most international students are advised to consider certificate programs that can be completed online from their country of residence.  Only Legal Permanent Residents and non-immigrants who are otherwise physically present in the US and in a status that allows for study may be eligible to pursue a certificate program in person at the Bloomberg School.

Application Components


Application Deadlines

Anticipated Start Term:Summer Institute (SI)Summer Term (S)1st Term (1)2nd Term (2)Winter Institute (WI)3rd Term (3)4th Term (4)
Deadline to Submit Application: April 1 May 1July 1September 15November 1December 1 February 1

Program-Specific Information for Applying to JHSPH Certificate Programs as a Non-Degree Student

Certificate Program Name

Start Terms

(see table above for deadlines)

TOEFL/IELTS RequiredPrerequisites or Special Requirements
Adolescent Health- may be completed ONLINE1,2,3,4nonone
Climate and Health 1,3yesnone
Clinical Trials- may be completed ONLINESI,2,3yesnone
Demographic Methods1,2,3,4yesnone
Environmental and Occupational Health- may be completed ONLINE1,2,3,4yesnone
Epidemiology for Public Health ProfessionalsSI,1,2,3,WI,4yesnone
Food Systems, the Environment and Public HealthS,1,2,3,4nonone
Global Health Practice- must be completed ONLINE1yes2 years of post-baccalaureate health experience focusing on low and middle-income countries
Global Tobacco Control- must be completed ONLINE1noDemonstrated interest or involvement in the field of tobacco control
Health Communication1,2,3,4yesnone
Health Education1,2,3,4yesnone
Health Finance and Management - may be completed ONLINE1,3nonone
Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Prevention and Control1yesnone
Humane Sciences and Toxicology PolicyS,1,2,3yesnone
Injury and Violence Prevention1,3nonone
International Healthcare Management and Leadership1,3no, but a Skype interview may be requiredApplicants will be asked to explain their healthcare experience in the application.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Public Health2,3,4nonone
Maternal and Child Health1,2,3,4nonone
Mental Health Policy, Economics and Services1yesnone
Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug SafetyS,1,2,3,4yesApplicants must have 3 years of professional health care experience in a related field.
Population and Health1,2,3,4yesnone
Population Health Management- must be completed ONLINE1yesApplicants must have 3 years of professional health care experience in a related field. 
Public Health Economics1,2,3,4yesnone
Public Health Informatics- may be completed ONLINEProgram is not accepting new applications at this time.
Public Health Practice1,2,3,4noApplicants must have completed at least one college- level biology and one college-level math or statistics course.
Public Health Training Certificate for American Indian Health ProfessionalsSI, WInonone
Public Mental Health ResearchS,1,2,3,4yesnone
Quality, Patient Safety and Outcomes Research - may be complete ONLINE1,3yesMust have 3 years of professional health care experience in related field.
Quantitative Methods in Public Health1,2,3,4noApplicants must have completed at least one college- level biology and one college-level math or statistics course
Risk Sciences and Public Policy1,3nono
Spatial Analysis for Public Health- must be completed ONLINE1yesPrior coursework or alternative evidence of quantitative ability; prior training in epidemiology and biostatistics.
Training Certificate in Public Health- may be completed ONLINE1,2,3,4noApplicants must have completed at least one college- level biology and one college-level math or statistics course
Tropical MedicineSI, WInonone

Table revised May 13, 2020


Notification of Admissions Decision

The review of certificate program applications will vary from program to program, but applicants are typically notified 6-8 weeks from the receipt of all final required application documents by Admissions Services.

Admitted applicants must accept the offer of admission by logging back into their online account and accepting the offer of admission. Certificate applicants are not required to pay an enrollment deposit, but must accept the offer of admission before beginning coursework.