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International Healthcare Management and Leadership

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate program in International Healthcare Management and Leadership the individual will be able to:


Individuals who hold at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, or comparable work experience, and a strong overall record of successful academic performance, are eligible to apply. While not a requirement, holders of advanced degrees are encouraged to apply. The certificate program is also open to students enrolled in graduate degree programs at Johns Hopkins University, other than those at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The program is intended to be taken on a part-time basis, and can be completed by taking a combination of online and onsite courses.

Admissions Process

Applicants should review the How to Apply page for information about eligibility and special instructions.  The certificate program's review committee will review the applications and notify each applicant of their admissions decision. 

No more than 6 credits may be accrued as a Special Student Limited before submission of an application to the Certificate program, complete with all supporting documents.

Requirements for a successful completion

The certificate program requires a minimum of 18 term credits. All required and elective courses must be taken for a letter grade; a minimum grade of C is required in all certificate coursework and students must maintain a 2.75 or better overall GPA for all certificate coursework. The certificate program length is flexible; it varies from student to student, however, the certificate program must be completed within three years. 

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements. The student's transcript will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion has been submitted, verified by the certificate program, and processed by the Registrar.  

Course of Study

Students should check the course catalog to confirm when the courses are offered.  The term and time may change from what is listed in the table below and some courses are only offered every other year. Students should also check for prerequisites and whether instructor consent is required.  

Course No.Course TitleNo. CreditsOnline TermCampus Term

Introduction to Online Learning

All students are required to complete this free course before taking other online courses

01,2,3,4 Summer-

Academic and Research Ethics at JHSPH

All students are required to complete this free online course during their first term of study

01,2,3,4, Summer-

Required Courses: Students must complete the following 18 credits of coursework 

221.624Urban Health in Developing Countries34-
221.646Health Systems in Low and Middle Income Countries322
309.631Population Health Informatics32-
312.603Fundamentals of Budgeting and Finance31,2,3,4SI, WI
312.700Leading Organizations3-SI
312.621Strategic Planning 3-3,4,SI
Optional Electives, Beyond the Required 18-credit Minimum
221.649Introduction to M-Health and E-Health in Low and Middle Income Countries43-
221.722Quality Assurance Management Methods for Developing Countries411
309.731*Patient Safety in Developing Countries2-SI
312.604Quantitative Tools for Managers3-2,3, SI
312.670Negotiation in Health Care Settings3-SI, WI, 4
317.600Introduction to the Risk Sciences and Public Policy431

SI = Courses offered in the Summer Institute
WI = Courses offered in the Winter Institute

* Course is offered every other year

Contact Information

Certificate Program Contact
 Pamela Davis

Faculty Sponsor

David Chin