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Public Health Practice

Educational Objectives

The certificate recipient will be able to:

Intended Audience

This program is intended to be taken on a part-time basis. 

Admissions Process

Applicants should review the How to Apply page for information about eligibility and special instructions.  No more than 6 credits may be accrued before submission to the certificate program, complete with all supporting documents.  Matriculated students must begin the program within one year of admission unless granted a deferment. 

Requirements for Successful Completion

The certificate program requires a minimum of 23 term credits. All required and elective courses must be taken for a letter grade; a minimum grade of C is required in all certificate coursework and students must maintain a 2.75 or better overall GPA for all certificate coursework. The certificate program length is flexible; it varies from student to student, however, the certificate must be completed within three years. 

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements.  The student's transcript will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion has been submitted and verified by the certificate program and processed by the Registrar.

Course of Study

Students should check the course catalog to confirm when courses are offered.  The term and time may change from what is listed in the table below and some courses are only offered every other year. Students should also check for prerequisites and whether instructor consent is required. 

Course No.Course TitleNumber of CreditsOnline TermCampus Term

Introduction to Online Learning

All students are required to complete this free course before taking other online courses

01,2,3,4, Summer-

Academic & Research Ethics at JHSPH

All students are required to complete this free online course during their first term of study

01,2,3,4, Summer-
Required Courses: 
305.607Public Health Practice (Please note prerequisite course requirement)442,4
550.608Problem Solving in Public Health*4-SI,W,F
Required Epidemiology Course: Students must choose either  340.601 or 3340.721 **
340.601Principles of Epidemiology5-S, SI
340.721Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I531
Required Social and Behavioral Courses: Students must select one course
380.604Life Course Perspectives on Health411
410.616Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health4-SI
410.650Introduction to Persuasive Communications: Theories and Practice4-2,W
Elective Courses: At least 6 credits must be taken
180.620Food Production, Public Health and the Environment42-
220.601Introduction to International Health431
221.637Health Information Systems32-
300.600Introduction to Health Policy41-
410.620Program Planning for Health Behavior341,W

*NOTE: This course should be taken first.
*It is recommended that the required Epidemiology course be satisfied as early as possible in the program.

S = Course offered in the summer term
SI = Course offered in the summer institute
W = Course offered in the winter institute 


Contact Information

Certificate Program Contact
 Felicity Turner

Faculty Sponsor
Beth Resnick, MPH

Faculty Co-Sponsor
Sukon Kanchanaraksa, PhD


Gainful Employment Program Information

In accordance with US Department of Education regulations, the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health is required to disclose graduation rate data, median loan debt data, and other select information for all Title IV eligible gainful employment programs. To see the most recent data available for this gainful employment program, please view the attached disclosure.