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Vaccine Science and Policy

Educational Objectives

The certificate program provides a framework for understanding vaccine science and policy, from clinical research to implementation, in both the United States and internationally.

After successfully completing this certificate, students will be prepared to:

  1. Understand the detailed process of developing, preparing, evaluating and using vaccines;
  2. Identify, analyze, and critique cutting-edge strategies for approaching vaccine development;
  3. Identify and describe the scientific and policy obstacles preventing development of effective vaccines for several important human pathogens;
  4. Understand current national and international policy issues in vaccine research, development, manufacturing, supply and utilization;
  5. Understand global finance policies and strategies for funding vaccine research and development, for purchasing vaccines, and for the implementation and evaluation of vaccine delivery programs and campaigns;
  6. Communicate with the key stakeholders and institutions involved in formulating vaccine policy in the United States and globally;
  7. Explain policy and regulatory requirements and their application in clinical vaccine trials to assure quality and protection of human subjects;
  8. Explain the Good Clinical Practice standards for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyses, and reporting of clinical vaccine trials.


This certificate program is relevant to JHSPH students with an interest in vaccine development, evaluation, and policy. It is open to all students currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral degree program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with the exception of MAS students, who are not eligible. 

Students already enrolled in a graduate program at JHSPH are not required to submit the School's electronic admissions application, but prior to starting coursework, applicants must submit notification of intent to Faculty Sponsor.  

Requirements for Successful Completion

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements. The student's transcript will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion form has been submitted and verified by the certificate program and processed by the Registrar.

Course of Study

Students should carefully review the JHU e-catalogue for information about certificate program courses and requirements. 

Contact Information

Sponsoring department
International Health

Faculty Sponsor

Name: Anna Durbin