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Evaluation: International Heath Programs


The certificate program is intended for current master's and doctoral students at the JHSPH planning to work in the field of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in low- and middle-income countries.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the certificate program, individuals will be able to:

  1. Evaluate health programs from conception, planning and design through data collection, interpretation, and analysis in low-and-middle-income settings;
  2. Create impact models for health programs that reflect program assumptions and the available evidence on intervention effectiveness;
  3. Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various evaluation designs for a given health program;
  4. Identify threats to internal and external validity in program evaluation, and develop a plan to mitigate or document these threats;
  5. Design, implement and manage data collection activities to measure program inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts in low and middle-income settings;
  6. Critically assess the quality of existing data on program inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and impacts, and determine whether these data can be used in the evaluation of a health program in low-and middle-income settings; and
  7. Analyze, interpret and use program evaluation data to improve program implementation. 

Course of Study

Students should check the JHU e-catalogue for a full list of certificate program courses and requirements.  


The certificate program is open to students currently enrolled in graduate degree programs at the Johns Hopkins University, with the exception of JHSPH MAS degree students, who are not eligible to apply until they have completed their primary degree program.

Applicants must submit a notification of intent prior to starting core courses.

Start terms: It is possible to begin the certificate program only in these terms: Summer Institutes, Summer, 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Requirement for Successful Completion

The certificate program requires a minimum of 20 term credits.  All required and elective courses must be taken for a letter grade, if a letter grade is an option. Students must earn a minimum letter grade of C in each certificate course, and maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher for the certificate courses.  All courses must be completed within a three year period.

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements.  The student's transcripts will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion form has been submitted, verified by the certificate program, and processed by the Registrar.


Contact Information

Sponsoring Department
International Health 

Certificate Program Contact

Audrey Lindahl

Faculty Sponsors
Melinda Munos

Yvonne Tam

Neff Walker