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Public Health Informatics


The goal of the Public Health Informatics (PHI) Certificate Program is to offer grounding in methods and concepts of health informatics and health information technology for application to public health and population health. It is designed for current and future public health professionals who wish to develop PHI expertise or specialization to work in policy or management.

Educational Objectives

After completion of the certificate program, students will be able to:

  1. Articulate strategic direction for public health informatics within an organization;
  2. Match data standards to their proper use;
  3. Identify knowledge, information, and data needs of project or program users and stakeholders;
  4. Describe information system development, procurement, and implementation that meets public health program needs;
  5. Evaluate information systems and applications;
  6. Recognize use of informatics to integrate clinical health, environmental risk, and population health; and
  7. Implement solutions that assure confidentiality, security, and integrity while maximizing availability of information for public health.

Course of Study

Students should carefully review the certificate program page on the JHU e-catalogue site for full information about courses and program requirements. 


This certificate program is open to both JHU graduate students and to non-degree applicants. 


Applying to the certificate program as a JHU graduate student

Students already enrolled in graduate degree programs at JHU are not required to complete the School's electronic admissions application, but must submit declaration of intent prior to starting coursework.

NOTE: JHU degree students who do not complete their certificate program by the time of graduating from their degree program will need to apply to the certificate program as a non-degree student in order to complete the certificate program after graduation.

Start terms: It is possible to begin the certificate program only in these terms: 1 & 3

Applying to the certificate program as a non-degree student 

Students not already enrolled in an academic program must follow the instructions on the certificate admissions page.

Start terms: It is possible to begin the certificate program only in these terms: 1 & 3 

Requirements for Successful Completion

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements. The student's transcripts will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion has been submitted, verified by the certificate program, and processed by the Registrar.

Contact Information

Sponsoring Department
Health Policy and Management

Certificate Program Contact
 Pamela Davis
Phone: (410) 614-1580

Faculty Sponsor/Director
Jonathan Weiner