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Population and Health


The certificate is designed to serve two audiences—masters or doctoral degree students at The Johns Hopkins University and professionals—desiring to expand their knowledge of population dynamics and its linkages with public health issues and their ability to relate population-level concepts and measures of fertility, morbidity and mortality, and migration to health conditions. A population’s health is shaped by fertility, mortality and migration patterns; and population numbers themselves provide the denominators of basic measures of public health, such as life expectancy, cause-specific mortality rates, and infection rates. Connecting a population and health perspective with public health epidemiology allows us to measure and assess the aggregate-level structure of and variation in health risks by age, sex, or other major factors and across the human life span.

Educational Objectives

Students completing the certificate will gain competency in;

  1. Knowledge of the components and measures of population dynamics,
  2. Knowledge of population dynamics’ linkages with public health issues,
  3. The ability to relate vital events and duration exposures with risk factors at the individual and population level.

Course of Study

Students should review the certificate program information on the JHU e-catalogue site for a full explanation of the program requirements and courses. 


Persons eligible for admission to the certificate program must be enrolled in a masters or doctoral degree program at The Johns Hopkins University, with the exception of JHSPH MAS students, who are not eligible to apply until they have completed their degree program. Non-degree students with at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university are also eligible to apply.

Applying to the certificate program as a JHU graduate student

Students already enrolled in a graduate program at JHU are not required to submit the School's electronic admissions application, but  must email Certificate Program Contact prior to starting coursework.

Start terms: It is possible to begin the certificate program only in these terms: Summer, 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Applying to the certificate program as a non-degree student

Students who are not currently enrolled in a graduate program at JHU are required to apply to certificate programs using SOPHAS Express. All non-degree applicants should review the general Certificates Admissions page for instructions on how to apply to a certificate program and application deadlines. 

Start terms: It is possible to begin the certificate program only in these terms: 1,2,3, & 4.

TOEFL/IELTS: Required.

Prerequisites or special requirements: None

Requirements for Successful Completion

The student should review the section of the website that addresses completion before completing certificate program requirements.  The student's transcript will not indicate that the certificate was earned until the Notification of Completion has been submitted, verified by the certificate program and processed by the Registrar.

Contact Information

Sponsoring Department
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Certificate Program Contact
Kristen McCormick
(410) 955-1116

Faculty Sponsor
Name: Li Liu