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The Virtual Plus Campus

The Virtual Plus Campus

In the 2020–2021 academic year, our students will experience a world-class Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health education anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Our Virtual Plus Campus builds on the Bloomberg School’s well-established teaching methods and technologies to maximize student and faculty engagement while offering a balance of quality, safety, continuity, and flexibility. Teaching in a virtual environment is not new for us - we have been offering online courses since 1997 and we established the world’s first partially online MPH program in 1999.

The Virtual Plus Instruction

The Virtual Plus Campus offers carefully structured lectures and materials that can be viewed by students when convenient, supplemented by a limited number of “real-time” experiences for interactive learning with faculty and classmates—all delivered via our proprietary CoursePlus learning platform developed by the Bloomberg School and supported by its Center for Teaching and Learning.

In fact, many of the courses we offer this fall existed online before the pandemic hit. They were routinely taken by full-time and part-time degree students and consistently received high marks for their quality and accessibility.

Man working at laptopThis fall, our faculty will take advantage of Zoom technology combined with state-of-the-art streaming studios and classrooms set up on our Baltimore campus. Faculty will teach in classrooms, labs, and other teaching spaces that are equipped with advanced audiovisual equipment, including multiple cameras that can capture the instructor in action—sharing slides, teaching from a whiteboard, or using a document camera. Oversize screens enable faculty to see their students while they teach in real time. These assets capture the full ‘in class’ teaching experience for our remote learners. Some of these courses blend the “real time” experience with pre-recorded lectures typically designed to deliver explanatory material that provides the background for a more in-depth and interactive discussion. Taken together, we are doing everything possible to ensure that our online education maintains the same level of quality as studying in Baltimore.

The Virtual Plus Experience

In addition to our excellent online and virtual course technologies, the “Plus” in “Virtual Plus” affirms our commitment to offer a full array of opportunities for students and faculty to connect both inside and outside the classroom.

Professor teaching classOn our Virtual Plus Campus you can do more than take classes and attend seminars.

Students will also be able to:

You can learn more about our technology and online course experience in this video.

Join the Bloomberg School Virtual Plus Campus

We are excited to offer our world-class public health curriculum and instruction in a virtual environment for this coming academic year, and for years to come. With the teaching methods and technology investments we’ve made and will continue to make in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Virtual Plus Campus, future students will be able to choose both virtual and physical modes of learning. Our investments have already enhanced our always-available-online Master of Public Health and Master of Applied Science programs as well as our certificate and institute offerings. We want every student to have a choice of programs and to be an active part of our community—all from the location of their choice.

Our goal is to offer a dynamic virtual experience that fully prepares students to become public health leaders while also building a life-long network of colleagues, associates, and friends. Together we can make a difference in creating a healthier future—from anywhere in the world! Start your Johns Hopkins education on our Virtual Plus Campus.

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