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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Strategic Plan


The Power of Public Health

A Strategic Plan for the Future

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A message from the Dean

Dean MacKenzie shares updates on the School’s priorities.

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Ours is a world of constant change. Social, economic, political, environmental, and other forces relentlessly challenge human health.

To achieve our strategic goals, we will need talented, committed people from diverse backgrounds guided by thoughtful and adaptive leadership and supported with financial and human resources.

Our success necessitates deep partnerships with others who share our vision of a healthier world, from community members in Baltimore to global leaders, and from those within and outside the traditional boundaries of public health. 

To set the best course for the School’s future and unleash the power of public health to champion the vulnerable and promote health equity, we have focused the plan on following five strategic goals.

We will educate leaders who can advance the public’s health by furthering the excellence of our existing programs and extending our reach beyond the walls of our School.

The Power of Education Objectives


We will solve the most important public health problems by incubating, accelerating and translating groundbreaking research.

The Power of Science Objectives


We will partner to protect the population’s health and advance equity and social justice worldwide, with a special commitment to Baltimore.

The Power of Partnerships Objectives


We will fuel creativity and ensure excellence in all we do by cultivating a diverse, inclusive and nurturing environment.

The Power of People Objectives


We will communicate and advocate for the value of public health.

The Power of Advocacy Objectives


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