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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Crafting a Strategy for the Future of Our School


A Plan for the Future

Five strategic goals to set a course for the School’s future

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Since becoming dean, I have spent much of my time listening.

Conversations with our faculty, staff, students and alumni who are making a difference left me inspired. They also impressed on me the responsibility we have to build on our strengths to ensure a sustained impact on health for the next century. 

Over the next six months, we will formulate a strategic plan to help us do just that. This plan will focus our energy and resources on well-defined priorities, make a case to our constituents and funders for the value of the School and its activities, strengthen our operations and ensure our sustainability.

In my first months as dean, I identified the concepts of synergy and resilience to help me envision the school’s future through its unrivaled breadth and depth, and wealth of foundational strengths. This project extends that thinking to plan a way forward that pushes boundaries, seeks new opportunities and prepares for challenges.

The plan’s success will depend on input from all members of the JHSPH community. Our goal is to identify five to seven overarching themes to prioritize by 2025, each of which will have specific cross-cutting objectives. The deans, department chairs and Faculty Senate have helped to develop an initial draft set of themes and objectives to guide the plan. We are now seeking feedback on these ideas.

You will have opportunities to provide input on this plan via focus groups, interviews and a web survey. We are committed to an iterative approach to seeking feedback. We want to know which themes are most important to you, which areas you believe are missing but should be considered and what specific actions you think our School should take with respect to these themes. We have convened a small writing team to collect and integrate feedback and draft the actual document. 

Following this first round of feedback, the writing group will work to incorporate your comments into an updated version of themes and objectives. These will be made available online for review and comment. The feedback we receive will inform the development of the final plan, which will be circulated at the end of the summer and will reflect the diverse perspectives of the constituents of the School.

I look forward to working collectively with all of you to craft a plan that shapes the next century of our great institution.

Ellen MacKenzie's Signature

Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD ’79, MSc ’75
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Writing Group Members

Daniele Fallin (chair)
Chair, Department of Mental Health

Joanna Cohen
Director, Institute for Global Tobacco Control;
President, Faculty Senate

Lorraine Dean
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology

Heath Elliott
Associate Dean, Office of External Affairs 

Katherine Frey
Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Justin Jacob
President, Student Assembly

Mike Matunis
Interim Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

David Peters
Chair, Department of International Health

Lisa Walborn
Administrator, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology