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General Recycling FAQs

What can be recycled?

Do I need to rinse plastic food or drink containers?

No. Everything that you put in the recycling containers and that meets the requirements (listed above) will be recycled. 

What about batteries and light bulbs?

The ESC and Facilities Management will collect batteries for responsible recycling.

Battery recycling stations are located on the 1st floor of the Wolfe Street building. Receptacles are located near the FedEx box, across from the ATM. They are also located on the 1st floor of Hampton House, directly across from the lobby.

You should box light bulbs and place a call to Facilities Management when ready for pickup. They will bring them to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) for proper disposal.

If the room I'm in does not have the different colored bins, should I throw the composting into the single stream recycling bin or into the trash bin?

All floors in the Wolfe Street Building have at least three sets of multi-colored waste bins located on each corridor. They are located in the west corridor and by the north and south elevators, and near the eating areas on the first and second floors. Ideally, we hope that people would go to these locations to use the bins, but if you find yourself in a location that does not have a compost option, you should throw your waste into the trash bin. Compostable items are not recyclable and should not be placed in the green bin.

If an individual gets confused and throw a non-recyclable item into the green bins, what happens to it?

Our waste haulers allow for a minimum level of contamination so if an item is accidentally placed in the wrong bin it will be sorted out and thrown away at the waste facility. However, we encourage people to do their best to correctly sort their waste so that our contamination levels do not get too high and cause problems with our waste hauler.

Does anyone sort through the yellow and green bins to assure their content?

No one sorts through the bins, so it is important to place the items into the proper bin. Mistakes are made and as long as they are minimal, it is ok.

What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling is a new and improved program that allows paper, plastic, glass and aluminum to be recycled in one, single container. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a can, a bottle, a plastic container or paper that tears, you can put it in the recycling container.

What cannot be recycled or composted?