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Electronic Hardware Recycling FAQs

What is the Bloomberg School Electronic Hardware Recycling Program?

The Bloomberg School Hardware Recycling Program is a program established to ensure that our computer hardware and data storage devices are secured in an environmentally safe manner while also accounting for the destruction of any restricted data that may exist on the systems.

What types of items can be recycled?

All computer related hardware and storage devices can be received through this program. Examples: Personal Computer Systems, Monitors, Printers, Servers, laptops, UPS, Switches, Hubs, PDAs, Fax Machines, AV Equipment, and Externals (CDRom, Tape, Disk Drives, etc).

How do I get started?

Begin a help request with Information Systems and list the hardware on the form. This program is limited to electronic hardware purchased by the Bloomberg School.

Who qualifies for this program?

Bloomberg School faculty and staff who are issued university property are eligible to participate in this Hardware Recycling Program.

Can I bring personal items from home to recycle?

No, this Hardware Recycling Program is limited to University issued equipment. Personal items can be taken to your county and/or city recycling centers.

Will this program be available to faculty and staff outside of the Bloomberg School?

The Bloomberg School is the first site identified under the enterprise contact. Other sites within the Hopkins community could be established as part of this program.

Will I be charged for each item that I recycle?

No, the Hardware Recycling Program is funded centrally by the Bloomberg School.

How is the restricted data on my computer destroyed?

A proprietary software is used to inventory each asset, complete the data destruction to DoD 5220.22-M compliance. Items cannot be read by this software are degaussed.

Does this data destruction process meet the requirements for research-based data use agreements?

Compliance with DoD 52220.22-M should be sufficient for most data use agreements. However, it is the responsibility of those individuals submitting items into the Hardware Recycling Program to ensure that they are in compliance with their individual data use agreements.

How do we know that the items we submit will not go to a landfill?

The Bloomberg School has contracted with a vendor that provides a closed loop system with complete downstream audit ability, and stringent health, safety, and environmental policies.

How are items recycled?

E-waste is processed mechanically then sorted mechanically without the use of high heat, dangerous chemicals, or the generation of toxic waste.

Can I purchase my machine for personal use instead of recycling it?

As a general rule, no. Doing so would require your department to charge sales tax and remit payment to the state.

How do I recycle electronic hardware from my home?

To recycle equipment from your home, you can visit your local municipality websites. Here are a few from the local Maryland area.

What vendors does the Bloomberg School work with to recycle hardware?

What are some other important facets of data destruction at the Bloomberg School?