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Diversity & Inclusion

Policies & Procedures

The Committee on Equity, Diversity and Civility is responsible for recommending policies and procedures regarding diversity and inclusion at the Bloomberg School.

The Committee is charged with developing and recommending efforts to educate the entire Bloomberg School community about diversity, equal opportunity and civility—and their importance in our school's environment.

The Committee is also responsible for monitoring compliance with policies and procedures related to affirmative action and equal opportunity that have been approved by the Advisory Board. Relevant policies and procedures include recruitment, promotion, tenure, salary equity, termination and equal program accessibility and opportunity for faculty, staff and students.

Major Committee Functions

  1. Recommend and promote policies, programs and other initiatives that will attract and retain a diverse mix of faculty, staff and students.
  2. Examine formal and informal structures and processes that may inhibit the Bloomberg School from being more inclusive—and recommend changes that foster greater inclusion.
  3. Identify constraints and barriers to affirmative action and equal opportunity and assure that the Bloomberg School’s affirmative action and equal opportunity policies and procedures are being used appropriately and judiciously.
  4. Receive or create regular reports on the status of minority groups and women faculty, staff and students.
  5. Promote and support diversity awareness school-wide.
  6. Form subcommittees to address specific short or long-term issues that have been identified as relevant to the charge of the Committee.