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Diversity & Inclusion

Administration & Governance


The dean of the Bloomberg School appoints the co-chairs for the Committee on Equity, Diversity and Civility from among faculty and staff.

Dean's Office Representation

The dean’s office is represented on the Committee ex officio without vote.


The Committee's staff is appointed by the dean’s office.

Meetings & Communication

Committee meetings are scheduled on a regular basis. At least nine meetings are held each year, with additional meetings scheduled when necessary. Full and complete minutes of the meetings are sent to the Advisory Board.

At the end of each academic year, or when relevant issues arise, the chairs of the Committee report to interested faculty, student and staff groups within the Bloomberg School and Johns Hopkins University. The Committee may also solicit input regarding relevant issues from interested faculty, student and staff groups.


The Committee serves as an advisory to the dean but may, as it deems necessary, seek counsel from the Advisory Board of the Bloomberg School. Conversely, the Advisory Board may advise the Committee on Equity, Diversity and Civility as appropriate.